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We can tell you how great we are all day long, but we really want you to feel comfortable with our approach and personalities. Read all about our team below, and give us a call when you’re ready.

  • We are Not Traditional

    You won't get a traditional real estate agent with anyone on our team. We might be more casual than other agents, but we also work harder and get fantastic deals that could rival any agent in town.

  • Get One, Get All

    When you work with one member of our team, you get the expertise and knowledge of the entire team. It's a get one, get all approach, and we think it's the way all real estate should be done.

  • We Know Las Vegas

    Not only do we know Las Vegas inside and out, but we LOVE it! Not only will we find you your perfect home, but we will show you everything that there is to love in your area. Think of us as part real estate agents, part Las Vegas tour guides.

  • Trained, Experienced, and FUN

    Experience and training are important. Every member of the team is well trained in real estate. But more importantly, we choose team members who are fun to work with! You'll look forward meeting with your agent, believe it or not.

Laci Cerrone

Founder, President, CEO

Hi, my name is Laci Cerrone! I started the Cerrone Group in 2019 because I wanted to gather the most badass real estate agents in Las Vegas and Henderson to create the best real estate team in the city. I think we did just that! We would love to help you buy or sell your home. Just let us know how we can help.

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Laci Cerrone

Owner and Realtor, License #

Hi, my name is Laci Cerrone! I started the Cerrone Group in 2019 because I wanted to gather the most badass real estate agents in Las Vegas and Henderson to create the best real estate team in the city. I think we did just that! We would love to help you buy or sell your home. Just let us know how we can help.

Michelle Richey (Sassy)

Realtor, License #S.0175138

My friends and clients call me “Sassy” because of my tenacity and attention to detail in my business and my life! I’m a longtime resident of Southern Nevada and love everything that Vegas has to offer. I have the extensive knowledge needed to guide investors, sellers and first time home buyers in finding the best deals in the marketplace. I love playing tennis and poker and am a huge believer in the power of manifestation and positivity! I also believe that giving back to the community is so important. Before I was a realtor, I was the Executive Director of a nonprofit organization that helped various charities including Special Olympics and Paralyzed Veterans of America. Let me help you make Las Vegas home!

Theresa Leeds

Realtor, License #S.0170270

I moved to Vegas in the early 90’s. My husband and I witnessed and participated in the EXPLOSIVE growth that happened in Las Vegas during that time. We have seen this town before nearly all of the current Vegas skyline existed and when Summerlin, 7 Hills, Green Valley Ranch, and Anthem were just ideas. Being an East Coast native, finding unique and interesting spots in Vegas is my pastime. Plus, I love to eat. Because of this, anything off the beaten path or discovering a hidden gem is something I have a wealth of knowledge about in this city and I am always down to share. I have two teenage boys that I am over the moon proud of. I have been a proud patron and volunteer for several different schools throughout the school district. Community involvement is something I am very passionate about. I love to learn and am an avid audiobook and podcast listener. I am also an improv/comedy nerd! In fact, I may have taken an improv class or two. I have been collecting mid-century modern furniture and décor for years. I have a pretty neat collection of stuff and am always on the hunt to add to my collection. My white whale is a Broyhill Brasillia Room Divider, if you have one – I want to buy it.

Dominique De Silva

Realtor, License #S.0188946

The first time I ever laid my eyes on the Las Vegas Valley will be something that I will never forget. I was flying in from my small town in North Carolina for a weekend trip with my girlfriends and just remember how sparkly the city lights were. That’s when I knew this city would change my life for the better and would become a place that I would soon call home. Being born and raised in North Carolina, southern hospitality comes naturally to me. I love to meet new people and go out of my way to help out when I can. I’m a huge fan of all things in the 80’s & 90’s era, Star Wars and competitive dancing. I’m big on spending time with my mother, fiance and my 3 small doggies. Did I mention that I’m obsessed with animals? Traveling is something I wish I could do more of, however I have been lucky enough to visit quite a few spots on the globe. I love to explore the world that we are so blessed to be able to experience. I’m a big believer that anything is possible as long as you put the time and energy into it! I now intertwine my passion for helping people with my love for the city of Las Vegas.

Tracy Askew

Realtor, License #S.0188930

I was born and raised on the East coast in New Jersey and Maryland by entrepreneur parents. I always knew I’d follow the same path and work for myself. Visiting the Western part of the country as a teenager, sealed the deal to make the big move, I knew it was where I belonged. Life however, has a funny way of calling the shots…after losing my father in a plane crash where my mother was seriously injured, I took over running the family business and did so for 10 years. Those 10 years fed my entrepreneurial spirit and taught me the discipline and drive it takes to succeed at being my own boss. It also taught me how to manage a team and create loyalty with my clients by putting their needs first. Eventually moving to Las Vegas was one of the best things my family ever did and I am honored to help others do the same! Joining the Cerrone Group and helping people live their ‘best Las Vegas life’ has truly been the best ride of my life. Outside work, I love cooking and spending time with my children. I share recipes and budget fashion tips on my Instagram, so follow along!

Michelle Wipperman

Realtor, License #S.189729

I am a Las Vegas transplant who falls in love with my new city every single day. I was born and raised in the Midwest and my husband and I decided it was time for a change. I have spent 15 years in healthcare and I was ready for a new set of challenges within my career. I have fallen in love with helping others move forward with this part of life’s journey. As I mentioned, I have my husband as well as kids with four paws (my husband is human, haha). I live a vegan lifestyle and enjoy eating at all of the amazing restaurants out here. Sounds so cliche but it’s true! I love the diversity and opportunity there is to experience and be a part of. The people of Las Vegas welcomed us with open arms and we find kindness everywhere we go.

Steve Carter (Battle Born Steve)

Realtor, License #

Steve is a Las Vegas native realtor with a background in interior design and spatial planning. He enjoys working with homeowners and homebuyers, both first time and experienced alike. Steve walks them through all aspects of the listing and purchasing process with ease. He loves using his design background and showing his clients the potential that each home has. Steve has a Business-Marketing degree and uses that knowledge in every deal he is in. In 2006 Steven served a mission for his church in Guatemala for two years. He loves any chance he gets to use his Spanish and knows all the good taco spots in town. In 2012 Steven married his high school sweetheart and they now have two boys and love having adventures as a family. Steve is a current member of the Nevada Association of Realtors and the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors. He loves motorcycles, vintage cars, traveling, food, movies, shooting, and camping!

Rachel Gaston 

Realtor, License #S.0189731

I remember the first time I laid eyes on this beautiful neon city I now get to call home. That was seven years ago, landing down in this city in the evening was mesmerizing and being able to see the Strip light up was something I will never forget. This city had me in awe from when I was on the plane to when my feet got to touch the ground. I knew then that I would be here living my best Las Vegas life. I started my journey to Las Vegas as a tourist, as I believe most who move here do. When I started my journey in real estate three years ago, I would tell everyone that eventually I would be doing my dream job in my dream city. A year later that’s when I met Laci Cerrone, our Las Vegas Gal. When I met Laci about two years ago I knew right then that I was supposed to work with her in my neon city I now get to call home. For me it was the best thing that has happened to me career-wise and personally.

Savannah Urcioli (Savvy)

Realtor, License #S.0189826

Savannah Urcioli is a junior agent on the Cerrone Group team, beginning real estate at just 19 years old! She was born and raised in Vegas. She lived with her parents up until this year, when she moved out into a house of her own. She attended University of Nevada, Reno for one year too long, as she decided to move back to Vegas shortly after.

She now attends University of Nevada, Las Vegas as a journalism major. Savannah deems dance very important to her and has been dancing 15+ years. She attended high school at Las Vegas Academy as a dance major and has been a part of shows like Cinderella, 42nd Street, and Thoroughly Modern Millie. She loves Vegas for it’s growing art community, and her favorite activity is going downtown to check out street art, and exploring local art shows that exist around Vegas.

Not only that, she is a coffee fiend, and her favorite coffee is called Death Wish. In fact, she conducts a segment on her Instagram every Tuesday, where she explores a new coffee shop and shows her audience! She loves old music, artists like The Smiths, The Cure, and Billy Joel. She loves to find open mics around Vegas as well, as she dabbles in playing the ukulele and singing.

Sarah Gabany

Realtor, License #S.0181486

Sarah spent time in Baltimore, Maryland and San Diego, California before she moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2014. She’ll be the first to tell you, moving to the desert wasn’t always in the picture when you live a mile from the beach. Now that she has planted roots here in Las Vegas, she doesn’t think she’ll be headed back to the beach anytime soon! Las Vegas has so much to offer, and she deeply enjoys every second of the adventure of Vegas life. There’s something new to love about this city every day and when she’s not soaking up her time with her son, fiancé, and two French Bulldogs (Harper and Harley), Sarah’s found a passion in life to help people every day accomplish their real estate goals. She stands behind the saying “Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life!” Whether buying, selling or investing she’s beside you every step of the way!

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